24-5-2018 PRIVACY  klik hier
6-12-2017 Looking for countdowns, Christmas and new year jingles...? Available on different albums from the Professional dj series !  klik hier
6-2-2016  Alaaf ! Alaaf ! Alaaf ! Great tracks for your superb carnival , carnaval fest ! Fiesta....  klik hier
23-4-2015  ANNOUNCEMENTS V2 ! jingles + a brand-new countdown + new quiz jingles OUT NOW !!!!  klik hier
4-8-2017  New releases : THE HOLIDAY MIX OUT NOW .... AND ORBISONGS IN THE MIX ... OUT NOW...  klik hier
29-11-2015  Sint niklaas en zwarte piet nu op veske zjever het allerbeste van Johny Turbo - belgian release  klik hier

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